My Brother Sam is Dead

Computer Teacher Language Social Studies

        You have been chosen by your Internet news site to travel back in time to Redding, Connecticut and report on the unusual events taking place in the year 1775.  You can take a change of clothes, your laptop, trusty cell-phone and modem. While you will be excused from school, you are still responsible for all your missed class work.  You can keep in touch with your class via this website.  All your assignments will be posted here along with links to helpful websites.

The Task

        You will research life in Redding, Connecticut, learn about the events surrounding the death of Sam.  You will study the major people, places and events that took place during the American Revolution.  You will learn different points of view of those same events and you will learn how to write a news story, an interview, a story about Redding and create a website to report all of this information back to the 21st century.

The Process and the Evaluation

        Since three different subject areas are involved you can either click the navigation buttons on the top of the page to head for the subject of your choice. You will receive a fifty point major grade from each teacher for your final projects.  Each of these grades will be added together and divided by four to give you another fifty point score, this score will be used by each teacher so you will have two major grades in each subject area.  In addition you will receive grades for all of the smaller assignments.  Evaluation rubrics will be posted for each subject on the same place.