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David Krizan and Kim Herbert have presented in-service sessions for numerous state and local conferences.  We are pleased to have you look at samples of our work. 

Please note that many of these presentations have been edited.  If you would like information about seeing the complete presentation, please contact us.


  • Create-a-Quest

Presentation given at ETechOhio 2007 Conference featuring ideas on creating your own web projects and some ideas about free tools that you can use. View the presentation here.

  • My Brother Sam is Dead

This presentation was given for the 2005 E Tech Ohio and Ohio Catholic Education Association Conferences. Please view the web site or the presentation.

  • Mummies and Monsters

    Presentation for the 2006 E Tech Ohio Conference given by Mr. Krizan and Ms Herbert. Click to view a sample.

  • Integration Isn't Rocket Science

    Presentation for 2006 E Tech Ohio Conference given by Mr. Krizan.  Click here to view a sample.

  • The Internet and You

    Presentation by Ms Herbert for Junior High students giving advice and suggestion on safe internet surfing. Click here for a sample.

  • Parents and the Internet

    Presentation by Ms Herbert for parents with advice on safe surfing and how to discuss internet safety with your children.  We recommend inviting representatives from your local police department as well. A sample can be found here.



  • The One Person Band

Presentation summarizing Dave and Kim's Technology Support Display.  We provide ideas and solutions about how to make the most out of technology to simplify your job.  Click here to view the presentation

  • Stand Alone to State of the Art

This presentation was given by Mr. Krizan for the Ohio Summer Technology Summit in 2005. Click here to view.

  • PowerPoint 101

This is a presentation to demonstrate some PowerPoint basics to Junior High students.  Having students create final projects using such applications is a great way to integrate.  Please click here for a sample.

  • Alliance+ and Savvy Cyber Teacher

Both Ms Herbert and Mr. Krizan have taken the Alliance+ Savvy Cyber Teacher classes. Mr. Krizan has taught the Savvy Cyber Teacher, as well as the Alliance+ Family and the A+ advanced class through Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland.

Both Mr. Krizan and Ms Herbert will be presenting at the 2007 conference. eTech Ohio: Technology for Learning They will be presenting a Technology Support Display, a session called Create-a-Quest, and one entitled "The One Person Band".  Please check back to see the presentation materials.




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